Onions & Garlic recommends you recipes based on what you have in your kitchen. For ingredients you don't have, just order it through us, and our personal shoppers will pick it up from the grovery store and deliver them to your doorstep.

Very soon, we'll be able to recommend you kitchenware. Not just random recommendations of pots and pans, but recommendation of kitchenware based on your recipes.

Everything you need in your kitchen, at

Our Stats

Onions & Garlic was launched on August 2015. And since then, we had been putting all our effort in growing our recipes for all occasions and purposes.


>3.5k Foodies
>13k Ingredients
>1.3k Recipes

We plan to grow our recipes information to a point where we can make reliable analytics on food preferences and consumption. Then, it could only get better thereon -- perhaps, then, we could at least reduce food wastage due to oversupply.