Club Wrap

This wrap is great even on whole grain bread or sourdough! Add you favorite condiment but make sure its low fat to fat free!I don't make a pretty wrap, but I make a good one. lol This is excellent. I used just American cheese, and whole wheat tortilla. I'll make this one again.I made these wraps and cut them into small serves as party food. They taste great and look great too There wasn't one left on the plate, pretty impressive for a kids party!I made this last night and it was AWESOME!!! I was full after eating one half, so I wrapped up the second half and put it in the fridge. As I was putting away the rest of the ingredients, I noticed that I had forgotten to add the bacon!! It was wrapped in papertowel and I didn't see it! No matter! I just had the second half for lunch today and added a little bacon, and it was even better! I used turkey and swiss cheese, and made homemade blue cheese dressing. IT WAS KILLER!!! :) Thanks so much! :) Made for the Memorial Day Menu Challenge. :)

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  • Prep
    5 mins
  • Cook
    0 mins
  • Serve in
    5 mins


  •   1 large whole wheat tortilla
  •   low-fat mayonnaise or mustard or ranch dressing
  •   2 slices cooked bacon
  •   sliced tomatoes
  •   spinach or lettuce, shredded
  •   1 slice ham
  •   1 slice turkey
  •   2 slices cheese


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