Dutch Duo Penotti Chocolate Hazelnut X Chinese Snowy Mooncake

Mid-Autumn festival is coming on China! Snowy mooncake is one of the tranditional festival food. Let’s be creative to DIY snow-skin moon cakes for your beloved family on this year! Proudly produced in the Netherlands,Duo Penotti Chocolate Hazelnut Spread not only applying on bread and biscuit, but also making various kinds of desserts. Let’s celebrate the coming mid-Autumn festival with fusional Chinese style snow-skin moon cake made with Dutch Duo Penotti! Having a bite into this original yet traditional chocolate hazelnut caramel or vanilla filling moon cake is sure to delight kids and adults! It is convenient and delicious!

Recipe by   
  • Prep
    30 mins
  • Cook
    1 mins
  • Serve in
    31 mins


  • 100   rice powder
  • 120   hot water
  •   vegetable oil
  •   green tea powder
  • 80   chocolate hazelnut spread
  • 5 -10   instant coffee powder
  • 200   sesame
  • 80   chocolate hazelnut spread
  • 200   green beans


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