Nyonya Kuih Pie Tee (Top Hats)

Great things do come in small packages–such is true when it comes to Nyonya Kuih Pie Tee. Alluringly gorgeous in presentation and rank high in the taste and flavor department, Nyonya Kuih Pai Tee are virtuous snacks that showcase clean flavors and brilliant combination of fresh ingredients–it’s undeniably one of the most inventive and vividly luscious Nyonya creations.

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  •   1 metal mold
  •   100g plain flour
  •   1tbsp rice flour
  •   1 egg lightly beaten
  •   180ml water
  •   a pinch of salt
  •   oil for deep frying
  •   1 jicama, julienned
  •   1 carrot, julienned
  •   2 cloves garlic (chopped)
  •   2 shallots (Chopped)
  •   6-8 shelled and deveined shrimp (chopped into small pieces)
  •   salt to taste
  •   white pepper powder to taste
  •   a dash of oyster sauce