Snowskin Mooncakes

In this recipe, a mini mooncake mould is used. Each mooncake is made with 15 grams mooncake dough (skin) and 25 grams filling. If you used a different mould, do adjust and weigh the dough & filling according to the proportion stated.

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 20 Servings
  • Prep
    40 mins
  • Cook
    0 mins
  • Serve in
    40 mins


  •   Kaofen aka fried/cooked glutinous flour
  •   500g ready-made mooncake filling paste
  •   melon seeds
  •   100g kaofen
  •   50g icing sugar
  •   30g shortening
  •   150ml iced water with 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  •   food clouring