Spiced black bean & chicken soup with kale

Use up leftover roast or ready-cooked chicken in this healthy and warming South-American style soup, spiced up with cumin and chilli

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  • Prep
    10 mins
  • Cook
    15 mins
  • Serve in
    25 mins


  •   2 tbsp mild olive oil Olive oil ol-iv oyl Probably the most widely-used oil in cooking, olive oil is pressed from fresh olives. It's…
  •   2 fat garlic cloves, crushed
  •   small bunch coriander stalks finely chopped, leaves picked
  •   zest 1 lime Lime ly-m The same shape, but smaller than… , then cut into wedges
  •   2 tsp ground cumin
  •   1 tsp chilli flakes
  •   400g can chopped tomatoes
  •   400g can black beans, rinsed and drained
  •   600ml chicken stock
  •   175g kale Kale kay-el A member of the cabbage family, kale comes in two forms: kale, which has smooth leaves, and… , thick stalks removed, leaves shredded
  •   250g leftover roast or ready-cooked chicken Chicken chik-en Chicken's many plus points - its versatility, as well as the ease and speed with which it…
  •   50g feta Feta feh-tah A creamy soft white cheese with an ancient history - nomadic tribes who needed to preserve the… , crumbled, to serve
  •   flour & corn tortillas Tortilla tor-tee-ya In Spain, a tortilla is a kind of omelette, with ingredients added - frequently sliced cooked… , toasted, to serve (see tip)


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