Spiced Pineapple Carrot cake ~ Not your usual "upside down" fare   

The makings of this spiced cake took root, when this utterly sweet-smelling golden pineapple sitting on our kitchen counter, literally piqued my imagination wild. Whoever has gotten a whiff of a ripe pineapple knows for sure the compelling aroma of the prickly fruit! To be more articulate - the intensely sweet tart aroma was so enchanting that even the most weary eater was drawn in to comment. And so like that, I got numerous ideas to use it up - bake a cake, make some Indian fudge, maybe some jam – so on and so forth. The possibility of making-it-all was definitely slim and so I did pick and choose.The sudden realization that, that one pineapple could take on so many avatars, was both overwhelming as well as amusing at the same time. Usually - on most days- I would cut up the pineapple and eat it as just as is for a snack. Although I must admit that for a long time now, I have fantasized on the idea of a freshly baked pineapple cake but lazy me had never really gotten to baking one. Most of the times, the first cake that comes to mind when I say pineapple cake is of course the extensively known Upside down pineapple cake, but nope! I wanted to try something different.A little bit of pondering and scouring through a couple of recipe books sites later, this recipe sounded very promising. Pineapple+Carrot+Coconut+Walnut spice cake would of course make a winning combination. What better than warm aromatic spices to offset that intense sweetness tartness of pineapples? To add to it, with coconut, pineapple and carrots, this seemed to be the perfect tropical cake with the hint of spice. Just the fruit mix for this cake smelled so divine that it reminded me of the offerings at our local temples. Once the cake was out from the oven - the sheer visual gorgeousness of the cake was a winner to begin with and the end result was an extremely moist, sweet tart, perfectly spiced cake that has made it to this collection and thus becomes a part of my assured fall back recipes. Its more of a breakfast cake kind of a recipe - one that makes for a perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee curled on the couch with a favorite book to read. Quite the picture, huh? :) ~Spiced Pineapple Carrot cake~The sweet tartness of pineapples melds in with the mild carrots, the nuttiness of coconut walnuts to make a moist fruity cake. The hint of cinnamon nutmeg brings out the warmth of this vibrant tropical breakfast/dessert cake.This recipe is a keeper - both for warm, autumn evenings and sunny spring mornings. Its a keeper for all seasons and reasons :)Note:1. Since I prefer my cakes mildly sweet, I have used 1 1/4 Cups of sugar. Add in 1 1/2 C if you prefer you cakes sweet.2. Feel free to alter the spices according to taste, these measurements will have the spicy edge.

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  •   2 ½ Cups - Pineapple- Chopped
  •   1 ¼ Cups - Carrots shredded
  •   1 Cup - Walnut - Chopped
  •   1 Cup - Golden raisins 
  •   1 cup - Coconut - shredded (Dry, frozen or fresh) 
  •   2 cups - All-purpose flour
  •   1 Tablespoon - Cinnamon powder
  •   3/4 teaspoon - Nutmeg powder 
  •   2 teaspoons - Baking soda
  •   ½ teaspoon - Salt
  •   4 - Eggs
  •   1 ¼ cups - Sugar
  •   1 1/4 cups - Vegetable oil