Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce

A tangy, sweet soy sauce that is great for dipping any kind of meat. I use this to put on my Chinese Spicy Beef Lettuce Wraps.Nice sauce! I've made it several times with #144176 Lettuce Wraps. I find that I like it best with hoisin sauce instead of the soy sauce so it's not quite as salty and a little sweeter. Great on the lettuce wraps, thanks for posting!Made this to go with the Chinese Spicy Beef Lettuce Wraps #144176, which complimented them very nicely. Very fast and easy to prepare.As recommended, I made this to go with Spicy Beef Lettuce Wraps. Great flavor that really accented the wraps. Perhaps I was a bit heavy-handed with the sambal oelek because it was a little too hot for our taste, but I just added a bit more sugar and it was perfect.

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  • Prep
    5 mins
  • Cook
    0 mins
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    5 mins


  •   1⁄4 cup hot water
  •   2 -3 tablespoons soy sauce
  •   1 1⁄2 tablespoons sugar
  •   1⁄2 teaspoon sambal olekek ground chili paste
  •   1 tablespoon fresh lime juice


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