Teochew Braised Pork Leg

A traditional Chinese dish. You may add in any additional ingredients on your preference such as mushrooms, sea cucumber etc.

Recipe by   
 10 Servings
  • Prep
    30 mins
  • Cook
    180 mins
  • Serve in
    210 mins


  •   1 Pork leg cut into small piece
  •   2 tbsp Sugar
  •   Soy sauce
  •   Thick soy sauce
  •   3 Whole garlic
  •   2 pieces whole cinamon
  •   Half pot of water
  •   Another pot of water


Step 1

Boil 2 pots of water

Step 2

Put the pig leg into the boiled water. Cook for 10 minutes and take out all the meats and throw away the water

Step 3

Put the pig leg into the other pot of water.

Step 4

Add in all other ingredients

Step 5

Flavour the soup of the mixture at our own preference

Step 6

Cover the pot lid and let it cook for another 3 hours under low fire level

Step 7